The best containers for Cannabis

Cannabis is an herbaceous substance that requires suitable packaging to maintain optimal conditions for its preservation. It is important to choose packaging made of an ideal material that can preserve the freshness and quality of marijuana. There is a wide range of cannabis containers that offer different benefits At THContainers, we differentiate cannabis packaging into […]

7 simple ideas to create the best packaging for your company

owadays we find ourselves in a very competitive market where standing out from the competition is increasingly challenging and where every detail of the product counts to attract customers. One of the details you should start taking care of to stand out from others is the packaging. Packaging is the first thing buyers will see […]

Why is it important to take care of packaging?

Many people think that packaging is not so important. However, keep in mind that when a customer is looking for a specific product, whether they have made the purchase physically or online, the packaging is the first thing they will see of the product. The packaging can thus become a good mechanism to attract the […]

What are the characteristics of good packaging?

We live in an increasingly competitive market in which differentiating from the competition is a complicated task. A company’s packaging can be what makes the difference, providing visual personalization to the product. Many companies place too much importance on the product, when in fact the packaging should have the same importance, as the packaging of […]

5 advantages of custom packaging for companies

Nowadays, with the globalization of commerce due to the internet, custom packaging has become an essential element, as it helps to build customer loyalty. Taking into account that it is the element that has the task of “delivering” your product to customers, as the packaging will be the first thing they will see, it should […]

What is packaging and what is it for?

What is packaging? Packaging is a concept that encompasses the different containers and packaging that can be used to store and package materials and objects such as food, jewelry, beauty products, liquids, etc. Currently it is possible to find customized packages of different materials, in order to adapt each container to the product that will […]